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All Guilds Meeting - January 2015

Portrait de Doobes

With all the holiday madness out of the way, it was time to have the first All Guilds Meeting of the year!  There was much to discuss at this one, and we've got it for you to read here in our usual raw and cleansed chatlogs, plus summary!

Heritage Night

Jamie Marchant (as JamieM(2.0) ) started off the meeting with news of the latest Heritage Night.  The topic for this HN will be about the game itself and its history.  If you'd like to join in, this will take place on January 10th at 13:00 KI time in the Heritage Night's Hood.

Fabulous Magical Treasure

Mister Magic was next to talk about the latest Fabulous Magical Treasure quest.  This is part 10 of the series and it's named "Ae'gura: The City of Light".  It has been live since January 1st, ready for all to enjoy.  For more information on FMT, you can visit this forum thread on the Myst Online forums.

Kotashega Vasehn/Messengers' Pub

Doobes took a moment to mention that his Messengers' Pub released last year has had many minor updates and fixes that have been sent in and should be included with the next versions of Gehn Shard and The Open CaveHe also introduced another project he's been working on called Kotashega Vasehn.  There's still much to be done on this cavern location, which is part of a bigger story-driven project, but he hopes to release it some time during the first half of the year.


D'ni Dishes

The International Hood once again had an event where explorers could share their favorite dishes with their fellow explorers.  Janeerah mentioned that you can find all the recipes (around 80 total now!) on a Myst Online forum thread.

Guild of Writers

Hoikas was last to mention that the release of the latest version of Gehn Shard, 21, was imminent.  In fact, it should be live as you read this.  Fixes include the "remember your password" option will actually work and it will never get erased by random events on your computer, videos have now been restored (which includes the new version of the Cyan logo from the Obduction videos and RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition, plus Yeesha's cryptic intro), and certain missing sounds have now been fixed, amongst other wonderful things.

You can download the latest version simply by starting your current client and letting things download.  For more information on Gehn Shard for newcomers, you can visit the information page at the GoW's site.


As of December 15th, the CAVCON meter was at 2.4.  As we continue into 2015, which hopefully will see new content in MOUL, be sure to donate when possible!

February, here we come!

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